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October 9, 2015



And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose Romans 8:28


It is approaching, the 15th of October, when our story will air on National television for the first time. It is not as if I have not told the story several times, sometimes possibly even seeming emotionless (Not that it does not wipe me out or have effect on me later). I have stood in front of people, speaking into a microphone of this horrific accident, and I have cried in public, put my deepest feelings onto paper spewing my thoughts into these blogs. Something feels different about it though, It is an anxiety that I cannot quite explain. So much so, that I have had dreams about it. Those who have followed Raise for Rowyn since the beginning, and who have read the in’s and out’s of each week, they get it. Will everyone else?


It is so exciting to see what will happen with the charity after this debut. Will it grow? Will more people reach out for support? Will we have enough money to help them?

The only thought I had when this question arose was that we cannot worry about it. God already has these days ahead planned for us, and what is to be, will be.


Just yesterday, Brynn and I spent some time at Labor and Industries promoting Raise for Rowyn as a CFD (Combined Fund Drive) charity. As we told our story, many people looked at us in disbelief. As if they had not expected that heartbreaking story when they walked up to that bright colored table. After I finished the story of the beautiful, blued eyed toddler was photographed on our banner, I went on to say, “Somehow, through this devastating year we have managed to create this charity. In the last six months, we have helped 24 families, averaging 4 per month, paying out almost $35,000.”

As I said the words, it almost didn’t even make sense to me. How have we done this? Is anyone else in disbelief?


Raise for Rowyn is by no means hoarding a boatload of money in our account, but to realize what we have and what we have paid out is almost unbelievable.

Then, all I could think about was something so much bigger than, “God already has this planned out for us.” Now all I was thinking about was the Bible.

Matthew 14:13-21

Jesus fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.


Jesus has blessed 24 families with almost $35,000 paid in the most devastating expenses a parent could possibly have to make in their lifetime. He fed those 24 families with the use of two broken women and a devoted group of supporters. If you do not see God is working through Raise for Rowyn, you might want to sit down and read The Book, The Bible.


Please pray for Raise for Rowyn as we go National on October 15th, and please remember that the camera adds ya know 10 to say 50 pounds. Wink J







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